Picking a Fabulous Bouquet

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Your wedding bouquet should be a reflection of your style, wedding theme, and mix of selected colors.  After you’ve decided on your wedding ceremony location and dress, you’re ready to start thinking of what works best for your bouquet.


Finding your Style and Inspiration

Look through Pinterest, websites and magazines to get an idea of what you like.  These should be for inspiration, not duplication.  Look at shapes and sizes.  Do you like larger bouquets, or smaller?  Do you like bold colors or pale pastels?  What fits your style?  Do you like formal flowers or something more rustic? Does your style fit with your venue?  What does your selected florist recommend?

Take a look at Germany’s fabulous Calla Decoration for some of your possible go-tos:

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Floral and Photography submitted by Calla Decoration





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